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Craft and Model Glue

Mister Glue should be kept handy as a craft glue. Because it will glue almost any material to any other material it will be one of the most useful for crafts that involve multiple

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materials. It is simple and quick and can actually be used as a foam glue as it will not melt foams like styrofoam as will super glue. Super glue is a cheaper version and contains solvents which dry brittle and discolor and are what eat away at things like styrofoam. You may have other craft glues but having Mister Glue as part of your arsenal will make your crafting life easier. One uses the tiniest bit and it lasts in the bottle for years.

As a model glue it is unsurpassed. Again it lasts for years, will glue all of the materials you use in models from balsa to die cast metal and can be used to combine almost any materials. And Mister Glue does not dry out in the bottle as do super glues.

Use for:

Die Cast Repair
Costume Jewelry
Glue for Pearls
Warhammer Miniatures
Wood Carving Glue
Glue Filler
Most foams such as styrofoam
Miniatures: doll house and miniature furniture repair
Resin figurines
Remote control cars, trains, planes and automobiles
Combine almost any type of material: wood to metal, plastic to stone, etc

Dries clear and flexible
Bonds in seconds

Toys, Collectibles and Antiques

If you have a child's toy or action figure that has broken - it usually needs an immediate fix to prevent the sky from falling. Sometimes toy collectibles that one can no longer get parts for or cannot be replaced need a glue that will be all but invisible.  Mister Glue will bond most plastics, wood, ceramic and porcelain. Because of this you can repair antiques, your toy collection or any other collectibles. Tougher plastic that are used in some children’s toys can still be mended if you use the the Accelerator with Mister Glue.

Can be used for:

Action Figures
Broken Figurines
Toy Collectibles
Resin Figurines
Toy Repairs

Keep Mister Glue in the freezer for storage and follow the instructions for use and it will last you for years.

Instructions for use here
How to remove glue

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