Wood Carving Tips

Wood is not always predictable. You are carving away and all of a sudden there is a split in the wood. There are different ways to repair this one of which is using Mister Glue's Instant Glue. Remember, it will not stain. You can work with the wood pretty much immediately but if you are planning on staining, be careful how you apply Mister Glue.

If the space that the glue has to go into is very small, you may want to put a drop of the glue on a toothpick or pin and insert into the crack in the wood. Ideally, you don't want the glue to seep into the wood at the surface as I mentioned, it won't stain. If you are painting then this won't be a problem.

It takes only a few moments for this glue to set up so that you can continue working. It is an industrial cyanoacrylate - very strong and very quick. If need be you can use with a bit of sawdust as a filler as well.

You can use wood glues this way as well but you will have to wait while they set up fully and hold or clamp them together which is not always the easiest thing to when trying to repair a wood carving.

Hidden imperfections in the wood can easily show up in a number of ways. One is that a small piece of wood can split. A drop of Mister Glue is the quickest fix. Gluing wood in this instance can be messy and difficult if you are to use a white glue. The wood may be split very slightly and by opening it up you run the danger of making it much worse.

Mister Glue will wick in to the fissure:
You can even have the two pieces of wood pressed together and put a drop on the edge and it will wick. I like to have the split relaxed and put a drop on then press the two pieces firmly together. If it is a very small split and you want to have a bit better control on how much glue goes into the crack, use a toothpick or pin to transfer the glue from the tip of the bottle to the split in the wood. It takes only a few seconds for the glue to set. You can wait a few minutes to continue your carving or you can wait until the next day.

Once the glue bond has set-up you will be able to easily sand or tool this section.

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