Household Glue for Home Use

The one household glue that you need for a kitchen repair - knife handles or the gasket on a refrigerator door, - boots, shoes and kids toys, is Mister Glue. It, unlike super

glue, will be there when you need to do a household repair of just about anything. Mister Glue will glue metal, wood, leather and most plastics and the really beautiful thing is that it will not dry out in the bottle. The biggest complaint that I hear about superglue and Krazy Glue is that they are no good - dried out - when you need them. Keep Mister Glue in the freezer or refrigerator and it will last for years.

For apartment repairs such as loose or lifting laminate, a screw that has come loose in a door hinge - Mister Glue can fix them all in minutes. You are obviously not going to do major house repairs with a glue like this but if any of the materials/items that are listed below need a fix then get it done quickly and permanently with this industrial cyanoacrylate. (And many, many others)

Just a few ideas:
Dishes: Ceramic, porcelain, etc
(A broken teacup or coffee cup)

Shoes and Boots: Torn rubber on a running shoe or sneaker or
a loose wooden heel on a boot or shoe. Leather to leather or wood.
(It will glue the leather to the wood just as easily)
A broken wooden or plastic handle on an utensil in the kitchen
A broken chip from a floor or bathroom tile (ceramic or porcelain)
Childrens toys - plastic or metal(great for Lego)
Electronics equipment
Camera plastics
Fix a Wobbly Chair or Table
Loose Screw on Eyeglasses

And a few more:

Mister Glue will bond like and unlike materials. It only takes a drop and is extremely quick. It is waterproof and non toxic once cured so is generally dishwasher safe and also safe to eat off of. Also safe for children's toy repair.

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