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In building model cars or planes you are going to have several different glues. With model aviation particularly you are often working with several different types of materials: wood, plastics and foam to name a few. One is looking for different strengths and flexiblity and speeds of bonding. If you involved in aircraft modelling you are familiar with different types of CA(cyanoacrylates).

Mister Glue is an industrial CA. It has been distilled numerous times making it many times stronger than super glue or Krazy Glue. It will not dry out in the bottle and it dries clear and flexible. These are attibutes that you will need at one time or another when you build a model plane or car. It is the perfect glue if you need flexiblity in a fiberglass joint or laminate.

One very important attribute of Mister Glue is that because there are no solvent (having been distilled out) this glue will not melt or eat away at styrofoam. It will easily glue styrofoam to itself or wood or plastic.

If you are out flying and your model plane crashes you may need a quick fix so you can keep flying. Make sure that you have a bottle of Mister Glue on hand as it will repair in seconds almost any of the materials including composite materials and carbon fiber. It is quick - set time is only seconds. Although full cure time is much longer, I have glued rubber, wood or some plastics together and as an experiment tried to separate them afterwards. They invariably break somewhere else than where they were glued.

I wouldn't necessarily use this CA for every glued part in aircraft modelling or building model cars but once you start using it you will not want to be without.

Apply Mister Glue to only one side and only put enough on so that when squeezed together the glue will spread to the entire surface. The closer the fit the better the bond. Press the parts very tightly together. I try and leave any that squeezes out to dry a bit and then scrape off with an Exacto Knife or blade. If you wipe the glue it will just smear. The glue is very quick so if you need more time to work a jioint or surface into place then you may be better using an epoxy. Once you have glued the two pieces together with Mister Glue you can continue working with the model - you do not have to wait hours for it to 'set'.

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