Styrofoam and other foams

Most cyanoacrylates like super glue and Krazy glue, the off the shelf glues, have solvents in them that will melt substances like styrofoam and other types of foam. Mister Glue is the same base but the solvents have been distilled out.  If you are using styrofoam in various crafts and need a glue that is quick and magical in its ability to bond thisPurchase Here material, use Mister Glue.

Mister Glue is almost instant and will not damage foam. It will glue foam to foam and other materials to it as well. There is a trick with foam though.  With some, applying any type of liquid even water, will melt them.  And this glue is a liquid.  If you are applying something else to it, put the glue on the non foam surface and then press the two pieces together.  In most instances this will work.  Sometimes, the types of foam are very cheap and will just melt no matter.  If so, you are out of luck.  But as I said most are fine.

If you are doing larger areas you may have a cheaper glue that you like to use. But with Mister Glue you really don't have to cover the whole surface to make a good bond anyway.  For smaller repairs or the making of Christmas decorations and the like, Mister Glue will do the job with the tiniest bit. It also dries clear.

Another benefit of using Mister Glue with materials like foam and other things that kids may be around is that it is completely non-toxic when cured. (It is classified as an irritant so just keep the room ventilated when using.) The product is also biodegradable

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