What Is Mister Glue?

If you want a glue that will bond almost anything to anything, then Mister Glue is the answer. Glue this to that: metal to wood, rubber to plastic – almost any combination of materials as well as each of those materials to itself.

Mister Glue is an adhesive that will bond similar and dissimilar materials.

Mister Glue:

  • Stronger than Super Glue
  • Will not dry out in the bottle
  • Dries clear and flexible

Mister Glue is manufactured in Germany.

Mister Glue is a cyanoacrylate adhesive:
Definition: (cyanoacrylate) – a one part acrylic based glue that is VERY fast acting. Excellent adhesion strength and can be used with a wide variety of materials.
More about cyanoacrylates at WiseGeek...

It will bond metal, wood, plastics, ceramic, porcelain, glass, pvc, leather, foam, rubber- all of these materials to themselves and each other.

Mr Glue is like superglue on steroids. And it won’t dry out in the bottle. Mister Glue is stronger, faster and will glue more materials than superglue. Glue rubber to rubber or wood to wood and within a few minutes try and pull the two pieces apart and you will tear the material – that is the power and strength of this glue. A small tube of super glue is usually useless when you go back to it the second time. A bottle of Mister Glue will give you dozens and dozens of uses.

There is no mixing as with an epoxy. The bond sets up very quickly so that you do not have to hold onto the two pieces until your muscles start to shake.

Mister Glue is not for every situation, check out our Mister Glue Uses section a list of some of the more popular uses.

For removing glue from all sorts of materials please go to our “How to Remove Glue” section.

Make sure that you also read our instructions:

Using Fillers With Mister Glue

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