There are quite a few different types of glue. Often you will find a different solution for each type of glue removal. Also, different types of glue may need a different solvent for removing from skin for example as opposed to metal.

Remove Glue from Wood

How to Remove Carpet Glue

Remove Glue from Clothes and Fabric

Remove Glue from Glass

Remove Glue from Plastic

Small-Uncure; mister glueFor Super glue removal go to our Super Glue Section. 

This is the one we get asked the most as Mister Glue is a type of super glue. These are cyanoacrylates and include: Super Glue, Krazy Glue, some types of Loctite, Max 1, The Last Glue, Miracle Glue, Rhino Glue and many others. There are consumer and commercial grades of these glues. Again they are referred to as cynoacrylates or CA.