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Mister Glue is perfect for toy repair. Mister Glue is completely safe for children's toys because it is, once set, completely non-toxic. Mister Glue is waterproof so if the action figure is commonly played with in the bathtub or left outside in the rain it will not come apart.

Children's plastic toys are generally made from polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene.  The harder plastics such as PVC are very easy to glue and the bond will be pretty much permanent so make sure that you don't ever want it to come apart.  Polyethylene and polypropylene are much tougher to glue.  Those are the softer, cheaper plastics.  The same stuff your plastic gas tank is made from.

With polyvinyl chloride(PVC) and other harder plastics such as Lego, it takes the tiniest bit of Mister Glue to bond this material permanently.  To mend the two pieces just put the smallest amount on one side and hold the two pieces together for a few seconds. Before applying the glue, make sure that the two pieces of PVC match, that is, there are no gaps. The tighter the fit the better.

More is not necessarily  better with this Mister Glue. You want to barely cover the surface. If you find that too much glue is coming out of the spout for the surface you are working with then you can first put it onto a pin or toothpick and then transfer to the plastic toy or whatever.  One side only.  Press the two side firmly together and hold for several seconds.  For the harder plastics it really should take only 10-15 seconds.

For the softer plastics toys(polyethylene, polypropylene), again, make sure that the two surfaces match up well.  Then put enough Accelerator onto one side, using the brush, to cover the surface.  Give that about 30 seconds or so before putting the two pieces together.  Apply Mister Glue to the OTHER side.  Again, not too much but enough so that it will spread to cover the whole surface.  You don't have to wait with the glue but there is not real rush either.  Then press the two surfaces firmly together.  You will likely have to hold this together longer.  Then let it set for a while.  It will hold, just don't put any stress on it for a while. You will probably want to leave it overnight.

Often, because you are pressing the surfaces so tightly together some of the glue will squeeze out. If you wipe it with a rag or cloth or paper towel, it will smear and in the case of the paper towel it will leave some of the material bonded to the toy.  Best thing is to leave it for a little while, not too long, but until the glue is not tacky or runny any more.  At this point you can take a sharp knife and gently scrape the glue off.

The base of Mister Glue is called a cyanoacrylate. It is the same base as Super Glue or Crazy Glue.  The difference is that Mister Glue has had the solvents distilled out making it pure making it much, much stronger.

Mister Glue can be used for wooden toys as well as Warhammer figurines and action figures whether metal or plastic.

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys can be easily bonded with Mister Glue.  Most of the time you will need to use both Mister Glue and the Accelerator.  Wood is generally porous and if older then it will be more dried out and thus more porous.  So, as above, apply the Accelerator to one side first, leave for 30 seconds, then apply the glue to the other side and firmly press the two surfaces together. Please make sure the surfaces have been cleaned of old glue first.  It is not so much that Mister Glue won't bond to the old glue as it makes the surfaces uneven and it is very important that the fit is very close and exact when using Mister Glue.  If you have a partially broken wooden toy and it will press back together nicely, you can just squeeze some of the glue in.  If you have the Accelerator, brush a bit of that in first.  Mister Glue will wick, so one can use this product to repair wood that has separated but not enough to reach right in.

Much more information on bonding wood here.

If you really want to, Mister Glue will permanently bond Lego. 

Don't let your little ones use it to repair toys themselves though - Mister Glue can quickly glue fingers or eyelids together.

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