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"I am an avid Warhammer model builder and I have tried a number of glues with model building. I was recently turned on to this glue and was very impressed with it.
It is pretty amazing stuff. "

- Josh M.
Los Angeles

"Hello, I can be a bit of skeptic as I have used a number of different types of "super glues"  with varying results.  Mr Glue surprised me.  I have an antique mirror that wouldn't stay attached to the frame.  I warmed up my Mr Glue , cleaned off the back of the mirror and the wood that I was about to attach it to.  I dropped four tiny drops of the glue, equally spaced onto the back of the mirror, positioned it exactly where I wanted it and held my breath.  To my surprised, it held and has now for months.  Amazing! Thank you for such a great product."
Sincerely, AKJ, Hollywood, CA

"We have been using Mister Glue for years for manufacturing our hearing aids. Easy to use. Extremely quick. We have never had any complaints from our customers about [hearing aids] since we started using [Mister Glue].  Thanks for being there."
Margie V., Roanoke, VA

"I bought your [Mister Glue] to repair some plastic pieces on my daughter's bicycle.  It did exactly what you said it would do.  I'm amazed.  Did a great job.  Thanks so much.  My daughter is very happy."
- Mark O.  Bloomington, IL

(I don't necessarily recommend this next one but...):
"I was using a crab knife at dinner a couple of weeks ago and slipped and seriously gouged my hand.  I'd heard on some TV show about using superglue to fix cuts so I cleaned it out and used your glue[Mister Glue] to suture it.  The doctor was none to happy a few days later when I was able to go and see him but said that there was not infection or anything so all was good.  It is healing up nicely."
Frank M., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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