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Mister Glue
Bend, Oregon
Email: martin @
Phone: 587-893-0125

We will start selling Mister Glue again, hopefully be the end of April 2022


hi are you still serving customers after the pandemic?

looking forward to your response, thanks!


Mister Glue is now up and running again. You can purchase the glue. Other products will be available soon.
– Martin

Theodore T HARRIS

Was wondering if this glue is available for sale.

The website is open for business.

Jerry Hoffmeister

I’ve been using your glue for many years – sad that I can no longer purchase it. Can you suggest a similar product?

We are back in business!

Where can I purchase Mister Glue?

Mister Glue is available again on the website. I’ve added you to the mailing list. Let me know if you are not getting it.
– Martin


As it happens I was in need of a new bottle of Mr. Glue accelerator and discovered that you’re retiring. Surely, its probably a well deserved retirement, though I’m sad I can no longer purchase your product.

Might you know anyone who may have any stock still for sale? Any info is appreciated and I thank you for your time.

~Jay Boyette

Jay, The website is back up and running. You should be getting my email newsletter but if not, let me know.
– Martin

Where can I buy Mister Glue suitable for repairing a ceramic cup handle?

You can now purchase on the website.

Do you ship to the uk?
What’s the size of the bottle? How much do you charge per bottle?
Thank you

Sorry John, we don’t currently ship to the UK.

Rachel Hambrick

Please add me to the list for when you start selling it again. Thanks!

Done. Let me know if you are not getting the email. – Martin


I make liquor bottle lamps with a wooden base. My question to you is, is this the best glue to bond wood to glue long term?

I apologize if you hsve already answered this somewhere else.

Thank you

I honestly have not compared Mister Glue to others long term in the way you describe. I have used this glue to bond glass to wood. The two pieces have not come apart over time. The key is two flat surfaces. The tighter the fit the better the bond. Not sure this fully answers your question but the best I can do. I’ll email you the reply as well. -Martin

Thank you
Right now I’m using the clear gorilla glue but it seems to work for for several weeks but eventually separate. Sticks well to the woods but not so much on the glass.

Best I can suggest is try Mister Glue – should work. And you can use one bottle for hundreds of things.

Kayleigh Rooks

When will I be receiving my order?

Kayleigh, I emailed you from – thanks,

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