Sawdust Fillers, etc., with Mister Glue

There are many instances where you may need a filler with Mister Glue.  A stripped screw hole, a gap between two pieces of wood.  A hole our gouge in a wood carving.

There are a number of things you can use as a filler depending on what you are trying to repair.  Sawdust would be my first choice when repairing wood.  For example, a screw comes lose in a leg of wooden table or door hinge.  Remove the screw and use some fine sawdust in layers with mister glue to fill the hole.  Tamp the sawdust down each time.  The glue will soak in but not all the way if it is a deep hole - that is why you want to do it in layers.  Let it fully cure.  Then you can take your drill and drill bit and re drill the hole in the exact place you need.  Once the screw is back in it will be completely solid.

A loose or wobbly chair can be repaired with fine sawdust or something like baking soda.  You can do the repair without taking the chair or table apart.  The baking soda is very fine so will work into any gaps very easily.  Work the powder into the gap and once full, add a few drops of Mister Glue.  It should set up within a few seconds.

For gouges in wood carving or a dinged table or chair it works pretty much the same.  You can use different materials if you would like to match colour.  Most fillers you can sand and tool.  Some get pretty hard.  I’ve used coffee as a filler for the color.  If you are using sawdust and Mister Glue, it will take paint but won’t always stain the same colour as the original.

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