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Mister Glue is the handiest automotive glue you will ever use.

Mister Glue has numerous applications for vintage car restoration or just general fix ups on your not so old car. Simple repairs can be done with metal, rubber, and plastic. The rubber molding around your trunk or car doors can be very quickly and permanently reattached - that's rubber to metal. Most of the plastics in a car can be glued to themselves or other materials. Loose laminate - wood or plastic - can be repaired with a tiny bit of Mister Glue.

Rubber Moulding Around the Car Door:
For the rubber lining - weather stripping - around the car door or trunk: Clean/wipe off any dirt or oils then run a very small bead on the metal side of the bond. This is because the metal is not porous and will remain on the surface longer. Gently press the rubber into place. The glue sets up immediately on these materials so get it right. You can put the glue on a fairly long stretch at a time as it will not set up until the two surfaces are pressed together.

If you are doing plastic or wood laminate as an auto glue make sure that you can press the two surfaces together firmly as this cyanoacrylate will not fill gaps. If there is a bit of stress that is usually ok but I would advise holding the two pieces together for a minute or two before releasing. The glue will continue to cure up for 8 or 9 hours.

This glue is a cyanoacrylate so it can glue metal to glass - your rear view mirror - but it may only last a couple of weeks though I've had people tell me that they have repaired their rear view mirror with this and had it last a year or two. Just make sure that you clean the two surfaces very well before applying the glue to one side. Do not move it around once you touch the metal to the glass.

You can use a bottle of Mister Glue for hundreds of times but take care of it: Read our Instruction page to make it last. Instructions for use.

It is great for classic car repair. Older cars don't always have parts available.

Mister Glue dries clear and flexible.  Follow the instructions and a bottle will last for years - it will not dry out!

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