Classic Car Restoration

If you are restoring a classic or antique car of any sort, you often cannot find the proper parts and it leaves you with repairing old broken pieces or jury rigging something.  Some of the benefits of Mister Glue in doing these kind of repairs:
1. waterproof
2. dries flexible
3. dries clear
4. bonds most plastics
5. is really, really fast
6. bonds dissimilar materials

So, use for rubber moulding around the door or trunk.  Rubber and plastic parts - hoses etc.  You can even glue some of the  more difficult plastics if you use Mister Glue with the Accelerator.

Steve started using Mister Glue on a restoration project a while back and below is a link to a video where he talks about the product and some of its uses.

I've been using Mister Glue for rubber repair on a car restoration project.

I've got a YouTube series on the car project. I've pasted a link below where
I first mention your product and have a small bit about it. I have another
episode about restoring old (Unobtainable) cracked rubber heating duct
where I really go into how awesome Miter Glue is. We just filmed it but it
probably won't air for a year or so (we're that far behind in the editing
booth) but will give you a shout with a link when it gets posted.

Restore Mazda RX3

Thought you might like to know.
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