Truck Bed Liners

Mister Glue is simply amazing for fixing the bits and pieces on a spray on bed liner.(Line-X, Rhino Liners and others).  

It is very handy to have around when you are making a spray on truck bed liner of any sort.  Mister Glue will repair your mistakes - not that you have any but, you know, just in case!  A cut that is too long or a gouge can be fixed in seconds.  Mister Glue is water proof and flexible so don’t worry about it coming apart. Polyurethanes(liner material) are 'sticky' but what do you use to repair it?

If a drain hole is cut incorrectly, repair in seconds with Mister Glue.  You can also use to fasten the drain or if the drain in the liner or a trailer or jeep has to be relocated for any reason.

Try this when you drop a screw or a nut somewhere that your fingers won’t reach to get it out.  Add a drop or two of Mister glue to a wire, reach it in and hold against the stray nut or bolt for a few seconds then lift out.

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