Using Mister Glue as Thread Locker or in place of Loctite

Mister Glue has a thousand different uses one of which is to hold fast screws so they do not come loose. This will work whether it is on your eyeglasses or on a serious piece of machinery. 

Make sure that the surfaces are clean of oil or dirt. Allow any solvents to dry before applying Mister Glue.

Wind the screw part way in and be prepared to turn immediately or as you apply the glue. Mister Glue is very fast acting and if you wait to turn the screw it will be in place and difficult to move.  Using a electric drill or some such to power the screw in won't hurt.

Apply a drop or two of the glue depending on the size of the screw. If it is tiny like that of an eye glass screw then you may want to use a pin or toothpick to apply. It will be easier to control the amount this way so that you don't put too much on. As soon as the glue is applied or as you apply it begin turning the screw and keep turning it until it is quite tight.  I've seen a couple of people add a drop of the Accelerator on top of the glue after the screw has been fully fastened.  Usually where the fit is not perfectly tight.  One of those instances where it was a loose screw on a pair of glasses that kept coming out because is was not a perfect size - after applying Mister Glue and then the Accelerator afterwards it stayed solidly in place for at least three years.  (At that point the glasses were thrown out so...)

Allow 9-12 hours for full cure. If you are using this with machinery that has some vibration you will want to allow the full cure time. On a pair of glasses, you will want to allow enough time for the fumes to have dissipated so that there is no eye irritation.

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