Motorcycle Glue

Rubber to metal

There are a few things on your bike that will need some repair now and again.  I've been asked about using it on a motorcycle faring.  Super glue can get brittle so the vibration of the bike can work it apart.  Mister Glue dries flexible(and clear).  Make sure both surfaces are clean and will fit together well.  Run a small bead of glue along one surface and press them together.  After it has set, one suggestion was to put a bit of fibreglass on the back of the seam to reinforce. Good idea.

Mister Glue can also be used for rubber gaskets or holes in hoses.  Put a new grip or glue one that has come apart.  Mister Glue will bond rubber to metal.

If you use with the Accelerator, you can also bond some pretty weird plastics.

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