Motorhomes and RVs

You purchase a Motorhome or some type of Recreational Vehicle and then drive around trying to shake it apart!  Who wants to track down a hardware store every few days when you are camping?  Mister Glue will bond most materials to themselves and each other.  Plastic or vinyl laminate to wood.  Metal to wood.  And almost all plastics.  If you add a bottle of our Accelerator that will even bond the more difficult plastics, those oily ones like polyethylene.

Screws that get loosened in cupboards by all that movement can be repaired with a bit of sawdust and a few drops of Mister Glue.  A tear in a vinyl awning: Cut a strip of similar material and glue over the tear.  Mister Glue dries in seconds and remains flexible and waterproof when cured.  Good for hard or soft vinyl.

Mister Glue does an amazing job on PVC. You can glue it end to end, without screwing it together and once cured the bond will be waterproof and stronger than surrounding area.  You can test this yourself by gluing together two short pieces of PVC end to end, leave for a few hours then hit with a hammer to break.  It will not break along the bond.

Use to repair weatherstripping or any other type of moulding around windows or in the bathroom.

The handle of your favourite coffee mug breaks off – glue it back instantly with Mister Glue.  Does a great job on any ceramic.

Those annoying plastic parts that keep breaking anywhere and everywhere: use a few drops of Mister Glue.  (As I mentioned before, with tougher, oily plastics, use in combination with our Accelerator.)

The door handle comes off an appliance, like your Microwave, glue it back.

Have a look at some of our other sections on ‘how to’ for more information and specifics.

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