How do you fix laminate counter tops when an edge has come loose?

Sometimes the smallest bit has come up on the countertop at an edge where it could easily get worse if it is not repaired but seems to small to easily fix. There are different glues around to fix laminate but many are not easy to apply in a situation where a small edge like this has lifted. The stresses on laminate or vinyl can make it lift a small amount so the best type of glue to use is one that will wick into or between the crack that has been created. Mister Glue is thin enough and it will flow or wick easily between the raised bit of laminate and the surface beneath. Also, with this particular cyanoacrylate(Mister Glue is the same base as super glue but is a high end commercial version) the tighter the fit between the two surfaces the better the eventual bond. This means that you won't end up with a small raised section because of the thickness of the new glue. A very, very small amount will also spread evenly because these surfaces will be very close together.

If the raised part is on a flat surface of the laminate countertop then put the tip of the bottle at the edge of the separated part and squirt a very small amount in to the gap. If this edge is fairly long then run the tip along as you squirt the glue. Press very firmly on the lifted area once you have applied the glue. Use your palm or a small piece of wood or something else that is flat that will put even pressure. This pressure on the vinyl or laminate should only be needed for 30 seconds or less.

If the facia part of a laminate countertop has come loose then remember that Mister Glue is very runny and gravity is involved. Put something underneath in case it drips - you don't want to have to clean up unnecessarily. I would suggest something like cardboard as paper or fabric can make matters worse: Mister Glue can run through the fabric or dropcloth and stick to the floor or whatever surface is there and then you would have the compounded problem of fabric stuck to a vinyl or wood floor with a super glue type glue.

One other thing you may have to contend with is some of the glue may squeeze out the seam between the two parts of the laminate. If you wipe it with a cloth it will certainly smear. Acetone will clean it up but can also damage your laminate or vinyl countertop. I suggest that you leave the bit of glue for half an hour or so where it has squeezed out of the seam and then when it is hardened enough, use an Exacto knife to gently scrape the excess off.

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