Ceramic, Porcelain and fine China


Nothing worse than when a houseguest helps with the dishes and breaks a piece of fine china.  Mister Glue can fix it.  Nothing is going to make it perfect but it does a pretty good job.  If you take care to get the tightest fit possible, the resulting joint will be minimal.   You may not be able to see it easily but it will be there.  The better the preparation the less visible and the better the bond.  With materials like ceramic we have bonded two pieces together and within an hour if you tried to break the bond is strong enough that it will break across the mended part.  It is now stronger than the surrounding material.

One needs to run a bead along the length of one side only.

Before applying the glue, practise a little fitting the two pieces together.  The less moving around of the two pieces once the glue is on there, the better the bond is going to be.  Also, the tighter the fit the better the bond.  Make sure the surfaces are cleaned of any dirt or dust.  Apply a small bead of glue to one side only.  You want just enough but not so much it runs all over.  Fit the two edges together.  Hold tightly for a few seconds and place to the side to set.  If some glue squeezed out, leave until partly dry and then carefully scrape off using a sharp knife. As long as there is no dust in the glue, the resulting line should be pretty much invisible.

Most ceramic you can put in the dishwasher.  Some porcelain you may not want to.  Wash by hand to be safe.

Full cure time is several hours.

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