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I'm assuming that you already know how to glue pvc pipe. And that you will commonly use PVC pipe glue. But I do get asked a lot about how to super glue PVC. Well, for starters I wouldn't use super glue for this purpose for a number of reasons. It is not strong enough and because it is a consumer grade product is has solvents. The solvents in it make it dry out quickly in the bottle but also make it brittle and it is not water proof. Not something that you want to use to cement PVC that is going to have water going through it under great pressure.

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Mister Glue is a commercial grade cyanoacrylate manufactured in Germany. It has been distilled several times so that the solvents have been completely distilled out. This makes it many times stronger than super glue and it has other benifits when working with PVC pipe.

Because of the strength and tenacity of this cyanoacrylate one can bond two ends of PVC pipe together permanently - they will not come apart. If you want to test this, take two small pieces and put a bead of Mister Glue around the end of one piece. Make sure that you cover all of the end as you do not want any gaps. There is no rush to get the two pieces together but it is important to get them together the way you want them the first time. Mister Glue is very fast bonding and you have VERY little time to move the two pieces into place. Give the bonded material a minute to set then try and twist them apart. They won't come apart.

Even so, full cure time is several hours. Give it 20-30 minutes or even less and hit the two pieces hard with a hammer. It will break somewhere else than were you glued it. Normally, you would leave the bond for longer before putting it under stress but the point is that this cyanoacrylate is more than up to the job.

Once cured Mister Glue is fully non toxic so if you are using in lines with potable water there is no danger of contaminating the water in any way.

Another benifit to using Mister Glue is that if you are in a tight spot and it is difficult to remove pieces to screw parts together and you do have room to fit them end to end then you can easily use this instead of PVC cement.

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