Got a loose screw?

There are different ways to repair the “loose screw” situation.  Sometimes you will have a door or table where stress on the screw has made the wood hole for it too big.

Match sticks and toothpicks can help but not always, especially if you need to be more precise in your measurements.  It is a very simple technique, where with glue and sawdust you can fill the hole so that you can re-drill exactly where you need.

I know of two different types of glues that can be used for this.  A wood glue mixed with sawdust into a thick paste then pushed into the holes with a small trowel works very well. Once the glue is fully set you can sand or tool it smooth, then set and drill.  Using this method, with this type of glue, you will have to wait 24 hours usually before drilling.

Another way of doing this repair is with Mister Glue.  Then the job will take only seconds. Stuff a small amount of sawdust into the hole – a quarter inch or so.  Use something to pack it in tightly – head of nail or some such.  Then squirt two or three drops of glue into the sawdust.  Build it up the a quarter inch at a time until it is flush.  The glue will wick in.  Make sure though that each section of sawdust is not too deep - you want the glue to permeate the sawdust.  Use thin sawdust.

(See Video Below)

Because these glues dry almost instantly, you will be able to drill within minutes.

I’ve used other powders for fillers such as baking soda or flour but if you are going to drill and need threading, sawdust is definitely the best.  The others can get a bit too brittle for drilling or putting a screw into.

I find his technique much more effective and longer lasting than something like plastic wood.

Make sure that you read how to take care of Mister Glue
How to remove glue

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