Fix a Wobbly Chair or Table

If a 'dowel' joint has come loose on a chair or table there are a few things that you can do to repair. If the two pieces have come only slightly loose but when they are tightened up go together well then you can put a couple of drops of Mister Glue around the joint and it will wick in. Even if the joint is tightly together making it difficult to pull out to put glue on then the Instant Glue will still wick in. 

If there is a gap but it is only one joint that is loose and you do not want to take the whole chair apart to fix it then fill the space with some fine sawdust then put a few drops of the Instant Glue to it and it will soak in making the joint very firm. (see video below)

Be careful when you are applying the glue. If the wood surface has not been finished and the glue runs over and soaks in you may not be able to stain over it. Try and angle things so that the glue has no option but to go where you want it. You will need very little.

The set time for Mister Glue with the sawdust is very short. Make sure that everything is in place before you add the glue. Full cure time for this new joint on your chair or table is several hours.

If the joint space is very large you can use toothpicks or other shims with carpenter's glue. You will want to clamp this though as it will take some time to fully cure.

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