Testimonial – “nothing can come close to it”

Testimonial – “nothing can come close to it”


I received this email last evening:


"Just wanted you to know that I finally ran out of your glue from a previous purchase and nothing can come close to it! I’m a customer for life (although at my age, that may not be saying a whole lot!) Take care and thank you for your wonderful product!"

- Teresa E., Texas

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Broken Resin Figurine Repaired

Broken Resin Figurine Repaired

Repair a Resin Figurine

Resin has a pretty slick surfacer and can be difficult to glue. Epoxies work but often one does not get a really tight fit requiring some touch up around the seam where the two pieces bonded. 

With Mister Glue and similar types of glue, the tighter the fit, the better the bond.  You want the two parts being glued together as close together as possible.  This puts the edges close enough that it is often very difficult to tell where the seam is. 

The figurine in the video here had a clean break.  No chips broke off at the edges.  That always helps. 


Make sure the surfaces are clean.  Try not to scratch or score the surfaces.  Practice.  Take the two pieces and gently practice putting them together before you apply accelerator or glue.  With Mister Glue, the less moving about once the parts are squeezed together, the better.

Once you are comfortable with that, apply a bit of Accelerator to one side only.  You actually want to let that sit open to the air for a 10-15 seconds.  Apply the glue to the other surface.  You don’t need much, just enough so the whole surface will be covered when you press the two surfaces together. 

Push two parts together - again you want a perfect fit, no gaps.  That’s why you practice first. 

Hold for 10-20 seconds or so.  I always give it a little extra just to be sure.  Mister Glue is very fast.

Full cure time is several hours.  That said, I’ve taken a ceramic plate that I’d glued together and intentionally broken it after about 45 minutes.  It broke somewhere else, not on the original break. 

If you can still see the seam, you can touch up with a little bit of paint. 

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Resin Figurines

Resin Figurines

Warhammer, Warcraft, Miniature Dollhouses, Miniature Trains, etc

If you work with miniatures that are made of resin, you will at some time or another need a decent method of repairing broken bits.  I’ll share a video I’m working on this blog and likely Youtube in the next little while. Repairing a couple of resin figurines.

In the meantime I’m displaying some of my photography.  Comic Con events are great for people imagining real life forms of the miniatures.  I honestly don’t know all the different worlds and references that go with all the costumes that I’ve photographed.  But the people that create and wear the costumes know those worlds and how to create appropriate poses. 

The background and lighting at most of these events are terrible for displaying photos.  I love how some photograph miniatures.  They show off their work well.  Lousy backgrounds can ruin a photo.  I’ve mainly photographed the bigger, real life versions. 


More on glueing resin here.

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Classic Car Restoration Photos

Classic Car Restoration Photos

Classic Car, Hot Rod Photography

I’ve worked trade shows for years.  When I first started I was selling Mister Glue all over Oregon, Washington , Idaho and occasionally California.  Home Show, State Fairs, Wood shows but the ones I really didn’t want to miss were the Classic Car shows. 

Always great fun but the work that goes into these cars.  They really are works of art.  Pretty sure that many don’t see their money back spent so it’s lucky the work is done from the heart. 

And yes, many of these cars had bits of Mister Glue throughout keeping them together!

The photos here are from the Peach City Beach Cruise in Pentiction, British Columbia, Canada a few years ago.  Being an outdoor show the cars were well separated without barriers around them so the photos had less clutter for me to get rid of when editing. 

Editing the photos was done between Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop if you are interested.  I’ll likely post these on my photography website as well, if you are interested in taking a look:

Martin Glyn Jones Photography

Mister Glue can be used for repairing various rubber and plastic bit under the hood, the interior and outside.  When properly set and cured it is waterproof and flexible.  So, if you have that rubber piece that you can no longer get new, you can repair and it will stand the heat and oil and such in the engine compartment.

Check out the photos below:

Mazda RX3 Restoration

Check out this page where Steve talks about using Mister Glue while restoring his Mazda RX3

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Wood Scroll Repair

Wood Scroll Repair

Repair Wood Scrolling

One of the trickiest repairs to do.  Normally, Mister Glue does a marvellous job gluing wood to wood.  Bonding two surfaces in the case of wood scrolling you are usually dealing with the tiniest of surfaces

A couple of things to have your attention on. 

  1. One might be tempted to lay the two pieces on a surface to keep them steady as the bond is curing.  Odds are extremely high that the whole piece will end up thoroughly attached to whatever surface it sits on.  Rest wrists on something to steady things while you are holding the two pieces together.  It only takes a few seconds to set up.
  2. Use Accelerator.  The brush or spray, whichever you have.  Apply to one surface with the glue on the other (a very tiny bit of Mister Glue as the surface is incredibly small here) and give it several seconds before pressing the two surfaces together.  I always use Accelerator when working with wood.  Makes it even faster and an amazingly strong bond. 

Once it has set, like I said this only takes a few seconds, set aside to fully cure.  The glue on the outside is likely dry enough at this point to lay the whole thing down but if you are unsure set it so the freshly bonded surface is not touching anything. 

That should do it. 

You can glue almost any two wood surfaces together with a combination Mister Glue and Accelerator.  You are likely not going to broad strokes, lots of yellow and white glue and clamps for this.  But if you need any kind of repair and/or just don’t want something coming apart try this combo.

This particular item was important to me as it was from my son's wedding.  My wife has a matching one.

You can use the 'Search' function for 'Wood' to the right ---->

or just click on this link.


There are several videos and articles on the website on the subject.

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