Mister Glue Instruction Sheet


Mister Glue was developed in Europe for industrial applications. It is from a similar base as Super Glue or Krazy Glue but having been refined and developed for industrial use. It VERY quickly develops a permanent chemical bond with most materials so proper care and use must be followed.


Keep Mister Glue’s Instant Glue refrigerated. Keeping it in the freezer will not hurt the glue. If you purchase a package of several, put those you are not using in the freezer to extend the shelf life. Remove the glue 30 minutes before use to bring the temperature down to room temperature.


Use a pair of scissors to cut an eighth of an inch off the end of the tip. Make sure that the tip is pointed away from you or anyone else as any pressure could force a bit of the adhesive out. Also, if you are using scissors open them immediately after cutting the tip. This will prevent the two blades from bonding together – permanently!

General Application and Use

Ensure that both surfaces are clean before applying the glue. Use a solvent with glass and metal to clean surfaces of oil and grease. Mister Glue’s Instant Glue will not fill gaps so test to make sure there is a tight fit before applying the glue. Clean off any old glue or paint. The glue is also very quick so you do not always have much time for adjustment once the two sides are put together. The glue is very thin and will wick (soak in) so some materials can be put together first. Although the initial bond is very strong, it will continue to strengthen over the next 8 hours.

More on Safety

Mister Glue’s Instant Glue is non toxic and bio degradable. That said:
• Never inhale the vapors from the adhesive.
• Do not swallow.
• Avoid contact with the skin or eyes. If the adhesive should get into the eyes flush liberally with eye wash and seek medical attention immediately. In the case of skin contact, wash with warm soapy water. This will help unglue fingers that have bonded together.
You may also of course use Mister Glue’s Un-Cure.

• Keep out of reach of children.


The company cannot be held responsible for injuries or damage to individuals (including third parties) that may arise from the improper use of Mister Glue’s Instant Glue (industrial adhesive).

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I am repairing two mugs. Should I always use the accelerator?
If not, When should I use it?

Generally, I would say yes. Use Accerlerator on one side and Mister Glue on the other.

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