Glue Wood To Wood in Seconds 

Use Mister Glue's Accelerator on one side.  I generally use the Accelerator on either very porous or very slick surfaces.  Doesn't to any harm in using it, will just make the bond stronger.  Mister Glue is pretty tough on its own though.  I've repair ceramic plates and intentionally broken them after an hour or so and invariably the new break occurs elsewhere from where it was originally repaired. 

Apply Mister Glue to the other side and press the two pieces firmly together.  You can place in a vise if you want but it really won't make all that much difference.  After about 20 seconds set aside and let fully cure.  If you want to continue to work the wood, that is fine.  You might want to wait a few minutes to ensure the glue is dry.  

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