Repair a Car Rear View Mirror with Mister Glue

"A few years ago, my dad's rear view mirror fell off. The glue that held it to the glass just disintegrated over time.

I went to the store and picked up a glue pack that was specifically for rear view mirrors - so it was advertised. I cleaned both the back of the mirror holder and the area on the glass where it goes. I then mixed the glue and spread it on the surface of the mirror holder. I put the mirror in place on the glass and held it there for about 20 minutes. My arm was very tired. I tentatively let go, and within 2 seconds, the mirror dropped. I told my dad this and he said, "Just use my glue," and gave me a small bottle of Mister Glue. He told me to apply two drops and hold it for 5 seconds. No way it would work  that fast/well, I thought. So, I held it for 15 seconds. I cautiously let go. It held. I then grabbed the mirror side and swivelled it up and down. The base held! This stuff is definitely good for so many things. Everyone should have a bottle in their house."

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