Combinations Mister Glue Will Bond

Mister Glue will glue pretty much anything to anything (and not dry out in the bottle).  Here is a list of some of the materials that it will bond.

Metal to Wood
Metal to Plastic
Metal to Glass
Metal to Ceramic
Metal to Rubber
Metal to Foam

Wood to Plastic(PVC/ABS/Hard Plastics)
Wood to Glass
Wood to Ceramic
Wood to Porcelain
Wood to Foam
Wood to Rubber

Plastic to Plastic
Plastic to Rubber
Plastic to Glass
Plastic to Ceramic
Plastic to Wood
Plastic to Foam

Rubber to Rubber
Rubber to Glass
Rubber to Plastic
Rubber to Ceramic
Rubber to Wood
Rubber to Foam

The list goes on.... All of these materials will bond to themselves as well as each other.

The only tricky materials are soft oily plastics(polyethylene and polypropylene) and some oily rubbers.  Using Mister Glue's Accelerator will normally make these things stick though.  Another note: most foam will bond nicely but some are so sensitive that even water(any liquid) will melt.  In this case I try and put the glue on the non foam material before attaching to the foam. Very little. If it is going to glue then this will normally do the trick.

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