Using Mister Glue to Bond Rubber to Rubber

Question: "I don't see that it will bond rubber to rubber on your list of what it[Mister Glue] can bond.  Do you have anything that will bond rubber to rubber? Thanks, Russ"

Answer: "Mister Glue is usually great bonding rubber to rubber.  Only problem I ever have is with very oily rubber.  We have used it for weather stripping, rubber wetsuits, all kinds of different types.  Usually, it is very quick and the bond stays flexible and is waterproof.  Sometimes I will use the Accelerator with Mister Glue but most of the time Mister Glue by itself is sufficient."

Russ bought Mister Glue and...

"I went ahead and ordered Mr. Glue.  For the past 20 years I have been fabricating parts and have tried many glues on rubber with no luck.  Your stuff worked better than I hoped.  It is awesome stuff.  Thanks for making it!"
Kind Regards,
Russ Rodriguez

Use for wetsuits, car parts, footwear, rubber gaskets, water stopper/plug, garden hoses, bicycle tires, vulcanized rubber, door gaskets, and any other rubber products that you can think of.

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