Gluing Plastic to Plastic

There are more plastic things that break in the world than one can count.  So much today is made of various types of plastic.  And there are so many, from polyvinyl chloride to polyethylene.  Mister Glue will bond both but the first much more easily than the second.  Rule of thumb is that hard plastics are going to be much easier to glue and keep glued than softer plastics.  Polyethylene and propylene are softer oilier types of plastics; the stuff your plastic gas tank is made from.  And lots of little plastic gizmos in your RV or camper.  We can still glue these but if you are using Mister Glue you will also need Mister Glue's Accelerator.

Example here is with two harder plastics.  Below is a series of photos where we have bonded plastic key chain parts back together.  Both parts in this case are hard plastic.   First, you can see where I'm scraping off old adhesive.  A couple of things that I will repeat and stress a hundred times on this website: 1. the better the fit the better the bond, and 2. don't use too much (which kinda goes along with the first one).  So scrape off old adhesive and make the two surfaces so they fit together well.  Apply Mister Glue to one side only.  Press the two pieces firmly together.  In some cases where the two pieces are a strange shape or some such, practice with how they are going to go together before you apply the glue.  Give it about ten seconds and then set aside to fully bond.  Some plastics will take much longer.

I've had some really odd ones where I've applied the glue, then thought it wasn't working so sett aside the item and gone back later to try and do something and find that it has bonded so firmly that nothing will get the two pieces apart.  Other plastics can take only a few seconds.

PVC, both soft and hard PVC,  will bond very, very quickly and it seems to be a chemical bond.  I've taken PVC plumbing pipe and glued it end to end with Mister Glue and a few hours later hit the pipe with a hammer to break it and it breaks across or at least elsewhere from the original bond.

So, take your time and applied properly Mister Glue will bond firmly and permanently most of your plastics.

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