Do you have leaks in your inflatables at the cottage?  Any water flotation device?  Water trampoline?  

Inflatables, Bouncy Pillows, Etc

Are you having to add air constantly because patches won't work?

Make sure the surfaces and both clean and dry.  Apply Mister Glue to one side only.  Press the two sides firmly together and hold.  Was a bit awkward with the bouncy pillow.  I had to let the air out and place a piece of wood underneath where the patch/hole was in the vinyl.  The hole was cut by a flying piece of roofing material (Oops!!).  The cut in the vinyl was about 10 inches long.  I put a square piece of plywood that extended a little past the length of the cut.  You can put the glue on either surface.  In this case I applied it to the patch as it was easier.  Pressing the two pieces together was a trick as my hands didn't cover the whole patch.  You can use another board or in this case I had another person help press the surfaces together.  It only takes a few seconds with vinyl. But I always caution with a little extra time.  Full cure time is several hours.  Also, you may have to put a drop here and there at the edges if the glue didn't squeeze all the way there. 

If you are repairing a water toy or floatation device, you might want to wait till tomorrow to put back in the water.  

It will dry flexible and waterproof.

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