Removing Glue from Wood

There are a few variables here: One is that the wood is unfinished.  The other is obviously that it is sealed.  And then the type of glue.

For unfinished wood and almost any type of glue, it is likely that some of the glue will have soaked in as wood is so porous.  Remove as much of the glue as you can with whatever solvent applies to the glue.  

If it is a cyanoacrylate such as super glue or Mister Glue, use acetone or Mister Glue's Uncure.  Try and keep it to the glue and not spread onto areas that have not been covered with the superglue.  If using acetone or Uncure, dab a bit in with a cloth and leave for about a minute.  Use another cloth to dab the glue off.  Repeat this until the glue is removed.  A spatula can work in some instances - scrape the softened glue off. 

At this point you will likely have to do some sanding to take it down past where the glue has soaked in.  In some cases you can use oil to help lift the glue as well.  Apply a small amount and let it soak in.  

For finished wood, the technique will be pretty much the same.  Just be more careful to keep the solvent to the glue and not go on the wood.  If the super glue has soaked in a bit you may still have to sand a bit and touch up with some stain or whatever the wood was originally treated with.

Remove Wood Glue from Wood

For glue that has squeezed out onto the surface of the wood: read the instructions that come with the glue for the type of solvent to use.  There are different types of wood glue so all solvents may not work.  Again, dab some onto the wood glue and let it soak in.  For a while.  Up to an hour.  It depends on how thick the bad spot is but don't leave too long as you don't want the solvent going too far into the wood itself.  Use steel wool or a wire brush and GENTLY scrape off the glue.  Go with the grain.  

Once you have the glue gone, use sandpaper to get rid of any residual glue and then wipe the surface clean of dust, glue and dirt particles.  At this point it should be pretty much the same as the surrounding wood and you can paint or stain.

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