Characteristics Of Mister Glue

Mister Glue remains clear and flexible once cured. Once cured the bond will be waterproof. AND (this is important!)


Will glue almost anything to anything!

Mister Glue dries clear and flexible as it is a pure cyanoacrylate. Most super glue type of glues such as Crazy Glue, consumer type products, have not had the solvents distilled out. The solvents are what make these types of glue get brittle once dried. They also account for any discolouration.

So, if you are trying to patch two pieces of clear vinyl together, it will not obviously be as clear as the original single layer but it won’t yellow. If you are repairing an air mattress or rubber raft, the patch will stay flexible.

This is part of what helps to make it waterproof as well. Repair your swimming pool liner or inflatable boat or raft(rubber or hypalon), and it will remain waterproof.

One of the best things, though, is that it lasts in the bottle. If you take care of the bottle, it can last for hundreds of uses. Most super glue or Krazy Glue types of glue will dry out once exposed to air. So, you only get one or two uses. I’ve had bottles of Mister Glue for years when I’ve kept them in the freezer. Besides the fact that it will bond just about anything to anything, this is probably the best thing about Mister Glue.

*keep it in the freezer for extended shelf life

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