Frequently asked Questions pertaining to Mister Glue's Un-Cure:

Superglue removal for fabrics
Yes! (with caution - test, always test)

How do you remove gorilla glue from clothing?
As above regarding fabrics.

Will it remove super glue from pearls?
Yes, as long as they are real pearls!

Can be used as super glue solvent?
Yes, that is what is was designed for.


As a solution to remove glue on the plastic?
Test first as always. It may soften the plastic.

How to remove dried gorilla glue from clothes?
Gorilla Glue is made from the same base as super glue. It is called a cyanoacrylate; so, yes, Mister Glue's Uncure will soften/dissolve it.

Is Mister Glue's Uncure good for super glue on clothing removal?
Yes, but again with cautions as a above.

What solvent for used cyanoacrylate?
Use Mister Glue's Un-Cure.

A good super glue remover from skin? Should I use turpentine?
No, use Un-cure. If you have glued your fingers together, use some Uncure to help separate them then you can use a little bit of acetone to remove the rest from your skin. Then wash your skin with soap and water. If left alone, super glue type glues will fall off this skin in a few hours. Usually, no more than a day or so if there is not too much.

What is good for gorilla glue removal from a carpet?
As above, a carpet is a fabric. Some carpets are natural fibers and Mister Glue's Uncure will work just fine. If the carpet has synthetic fibres it may not survive. Test a small bit of the carpet, underneath or somewhere that will not be noticed.

Why is vinegar a super glue remover?
To my knowlegde it is not. Try our Un-cure.

Put a few drops on the cured superglue(cyanoacrylate) and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then wipe off with a cloth. If there is a lot of glue, it may take more than one application.

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