How to Glue Wood to Wood

There are plenty of ways to glue wood together: white glues and yellow glues. You would not use Mister Glue for 'broad strokes'.

But there are some situations where it will be more useful to use Mister Glue for wood. Best for small projects and it is an 'instant glue' so if you need something repaird so that you can keep working it is ideal.

The main benefits to using Mister Glue with wood is that it is extremely quick. It bonds extremely well but then so do many other glues. With Mister Glue it only takes seconds to glue two pieces of wood together and one can continue working.

Full cure time is several hours but I have glued two pieces of wood together with Mister Glue and tried to pry them apart after 30 minutes or an hour and the wood tears and splits.

With Mister Glue the tighter the fit the better the bond. More is not always better with this instant glue.

This type of glue (cyanoacrylate) reacts to the presence of moisture so extremely dry wood is a little trickier for the lack of moisture and the fact that too much of the glue gets absorbed into the wood.

There are two solutions for this.  One is to use our Accelerator.  If you are concerned about the end product being waterproof, this is the way to go.  Spread the Accelerator on one side and leave for 30 seconds or so and you can apply Mister Glue to the other side. Then press the two firmly together.

Another solution to this is a spray bottle. Mist the surface with some water, wipe off any excess moisture and leave for a little while to absorb into the wood. You definitely do not want the surface wet when you apply the glue.

Generally, apply a small amount of glue to one side only. Depending on how large of an area: dot the corners and center or criss-cross or a square around the edge - then press the two sides together and hold for several seconds. Press wood together in such a way that the glue spreads over as much of the surface as possible. I always hold it longer than necessary - I've been using this particular type of cyanoacrylate for years and still can't believe how quick it is. 

If you have a split in the wood that you are trying to repair and cannot access the whole surface Mister Glue will wick into the wood. Try this: put two pieces of wood together and run and bead along the seam and watch it wick in and glue the two pieces. A simple way to glue wood to wood.

Now you can continue to work; cutting, sanding, etc. You do not have to wait hours as you would with a yellow or white glue.

Mister Glue is also waterproof.

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