Resin Figurines

Resin Figurines

Warhammer, Warcraft, Miniature Dollhouses, Miniature Trains, etc

If you work with miniatures that are made of resin, you will at some time or another need a decent method of repairing broken bits.  I’ll share a video I’m working on this blog and likely Youtube in the next little while. Repairing a couple of resin figurines.

In the meantime I’m displaying some of my photography.  Comic Con events are great for people imagining real life forms of the miniatures.  I honestly don’t know all the different worlds and references that go with all the costumes that I’ve photographed.  But the people that create and wear the costumes know those worlds and how to create appropriate poses. 

The background and lighting at most of these events are terrible for displaying photos.  I love how some photograph miniatures.  They show off their work well.  Lousy backgrounds can ruin a photo.  I’ve mainly photographed the bigger, real life versions. 


The best package for resin repair is:

Combo Package 1(One Glue/One Accelerator)
Combo Package 1(One Glue/One Accelerator)
Package includes one bottle of Mister Glue and One bottle of Mister Glue's Accelerator
Price: $34.00
Price: $32.00

More on glueing resin here.

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