stuck spout on mister glue

Stuck Cap on Mister Glue Bottle

Stuck Cap on Mister Glue Bottle

Can't Get the Cap Off the Mister Glue Bottle?

It has been known that once in a blue moon or so a cap will get stuck to the spout or screw threads of the bottle.  This is usually preventable but still happens. The video shows a fairly straight forward method of remedying the situation.  Use a pair of pliers to gently crack and loosen the glue that has set around the threads.  May take a minute. Use the pliers to unscrew the cap.  Being very careful to hold the bottle upright so the glue doesn't spill if the spout comes off with the cap!  

If the spout comes off with the cap, then take a pair of needle nose pliers and use them to pry out the spout.  You will have received an extra spout with your order. Use that as a replacement if the old one is unusable.  


To keep this from happening:  

  1. Burp the spout before reattaching the cap.
  2. Try and make sure there is no wet glue on the threads of the bottle or around the spout.
  3. Ensure that the bottle remains upright when stored in the freezer.

Oh yeah, ... Be careful!! 

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