We Got a New Kitten

We Got a New Kitten

We Got a New Kitten

And almost lost a planter.

Fairly recently we got a new kitten.  It’s about 5 months old now and one could say he is calming down.  But if you did’t know what he was like when he started off, you might think he was still kinda crazy. 

His name is Nugget and he likes plants.  He is absolutely gorgeous.  One beautiful cat.  100% black.  He is lean with a wonderful silken coat. 

And he is a terror!

The first planter he destroyed when we were away for a few days.  It was filled with corks to hold up the wheat like dried thingys.  That one was shattered and unrepairable.  Corks everywhere.  The one pictured here had five broken pieces.  All from the base around the bottom.  I’ll post the ‘repair’ video in the next week or so. 

Honestly, this was not my best repair job.  My wife doesn’t truly mind.  You can’t really see the seams when the plant is amongst others. 

I hurried it a bit though.  Before you put the glue or accelerator on either surface, practise putting the edges together.  Try them right side up and  upside down.  See which goes more smoothly.  You have almost no moving around time.  And if you don’t get it right, you now have  a layer of glue that makes it more difficult.  I know, a lot of stress, right. 

Also, if there are several pieces, figure out which to do first.  I had three small pieces that I glued together then glued them all as one piece to the rest of the planter.

And here is some info on using Mister Glue to bond resin


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