Kitchen Cupboard Garbage Bag Holder with Video

Kitchen Cupboard Garbage Bag Holder with Video

Kitchen Garbage Bag Holder

Our kitchen cupboard under the sink holds our garbage bag holder.  The door is too thin.  Any screws that we use, if they are going to be secure enough to hold will be sticking all the way through.  Not a good look. 

We cut a small piece of plywood, the right size to fit the frame of the holder.  Clean the surface of the inside of the door where the wood plate is going.  Any bits of paint or wood from old screw holes.

The tighter the fit of the two pieces being glued the better the fit. 

Apply Accelerator to the porous plywood.  Let that sit while you apply Mister Glue to the painted wood.  You don’t have to give a solid covering but get the edges and criss-cross it a bit.  I drew a pencil line around where the piece of wood was going. 

Then press the two pieces firmly together. In this case I held them together for a good minute or so.  Likely didn’t need that long but…

At this point it is not coming apart but as full cure time is a few hours I gave a couple of hours before screwing in the frame of the bag holder.  It has been a couple of weeks of banging around with no loosening. 

It’s not going anywhere!

Mister Glue will bond pretty much anything to anything

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