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Refrigerator Magnets Video – Metal to Metal

Refrigerator Magnets Video – Metal to Metal

Metal to Metal Refrigerator Magnet

I ordered a package of very small magnets from Amazon.  They are very small and very strong. 

I wanted to make them more interesting as I was using them to hold some family photos, grandchildren etc.  Especially the ones of the recently born twins.

One of the several things I found to use was a sort of locket that belonged to my wife’s mother.  Has her initials on it.  We both thought that making this into a fridge magnet would be cool. 

The magnets are very small and one needs a very little bit of Mister Glue to get results.  A toothpick was used to take a tiny little bit of glue from the tip of the bottle to the surface of the magnet. 

Glue one side only. 

Pressing the two pieces together for about 15-20 seconds.  Full cure time is much longer but most bonded materials will be usable almost immediately. 

Watch the Video:

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