Car Gasket Repair

Car Gasket Repair

Re-Attaching Metal Surround of Trunk Keyhole

We have this old Buick that my mother-in-law gave my wife as she was getting to old to drive it anymore.  It is a 1995 car and still has under 100,00 kilometres on it.  Make it about 65,000 miles.  Garage kept.  It is immaculate.  So let’s take care of it. 

The little piece of metal around the rear trunk keyhole came off.  The rubber gasket that was between the metal and the trunk just rotted away.  Fortunately it wasn’t lost on the road and we still had it. Didn’t have to go to a wrecker or some such.

In the video, I run through the whole process.  Cleaning the surface, cutting and fitting the new gasket, etc.  I’m using the Accelerator with Mister Glue. The gasket is pretty porous and I want to make sure that I get an excellent permanent bond.  

Once the glue is applied and the two pieces are pressed together it takes about 5-8 seconds to be completely stuck.  Get it right.  If you need, you could draw a small pencil line where you are going to place the metal piece.  That way you know you are putting in the right spot.

This will work for any rubber to metal.  If you have a trunk or door gasket come loose, no problem!  Stays flexible.  This glue is also waterproof, so once set and in place you don’t have to worry about exterior applications.  If you are working on classic or vintage cars of any sort, Mister Glue does an amazing job on cork or rubber gaskets to metal or any other material!

Watch the video and let me know if you have any questions. 


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