Video About Handbag Tassel – Vinyl – Craft

Video About Handbag Tassel – Vinyl – Craft

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I used Mister Glue here to bond/make this tassel for a handbag.  I was applying the glue to the more porous side, so I used a bit more that I would normally.  I could have used some of the Accelerator but Mister Glue does such an amazing job on vinyl, I wasn't too worried.  Some soft vinyls, I've had it tear while trying to pry two pieces apart. That's how tough it is.  I've used Mister Glue on PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - your plumbing pipe.  Let it cure fully with the PVC, then I hit it with a hammer and it breaks elsewhere from where it was glued!

Another nice thing is that the glue dries flexible, which is good when you are bonding something like soft vinyl or leather.

Watch video below plus lots more at: youtube.com@mistergluevids

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