Repair Rubber Dinghies (Or Hypalon)

This technique will apply to pinhole leaks or tears in rubber dinghies, inflatable raft, air mattress or vinyl raft.

Blow it up hard and start spreading water with a bit of dish detergent mixed in it and watch for small bubbles. Use a magic marker to indicate the spot. Make sure there is not more than one. The valve can often be the difficulty. Ensure that the O ring is not worn or damaged. If so, replace it.
patch of the same material using Mister Glue's Instant Glue. Use a large enough patch. If too small, it could come loose. Even though Mister Glue's instant glue sets immediately, full cure time is several hours. If you can, leave it overnight.

To make the patch look less 'patched' cut to a shape of your liking. Make it look decorative.

If I'm out fishing or any kind of boating, particularly in something inflatable, I always have a bottle of Mister Glue with me. And some patches. Even a small tear can be repaired this way and get you back to where you started. Mister Glue is handy to have out on a trip as it can repair neoprene and most of your fishing gear, lures, etc. It has been know to use Also, you can use Mister Glue to repair your lures as well.

Purchase HereCyanoacrylates have been used for suturing and in a pinch one could use Mister Glue to glue up a bad cut in the place of stitches. Not necessarily ideal but if you cut yourself badly and don't have stitches...

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