Fletching Arrows

If you Fletch your own arrows or want to repair a fletched arrow then definitely have some of Mister Glue handy. The glue dries extremely quickly and dries clear. So, if some of it spreads from underneath the feather then it will not be visible – unless you look very closely. To prevent this use an extremely small amount.

Ideally, use an arrow fletcher or fletching jig. Apply the smallest amount possible to the surface that you are going to attach to the arrow. I will normally use a pin or toothpick. Put a small drop from the bottle onto the toothpick then onto the surface of the arrow vane that you are going to attach. Use the smallest amount possible while still allowing it to spread over the whole surface when you attach it. The best bond with this instant glue is when the two surfaces are as close together as possible – the tighter the fit the better the bond. So, if you apply too much it will run down the length of your arrow and you are having to clean up.

The bond is pretty much instant but let the fletched arrow sit for a few hours for the glue to fully cure. If you are repairing the fletching in the field, you can use it immediately it will not come off.

Mister Glue dries clear so if some does squeeze out it will be pretty much invisible. It won’t discolor like super glue or Krazy Glue when it dries.

You can also use Mister Glue for repairing rubber and neoprene rain gear and waders.

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