Fly Tying Glue

Mister Glue can be used for many of your Fly Tying materials:

Zonker strips
Dragon’s tails
Various beads, eyes, cones, barbells
Squirrel skin
Rabbit skin/fur
Most synthetic material
...and a hundred other materials - to themselves and each other: Mister Glue will easily bond dissimilar materials.

Non porous materials will usually bond well with just Mister Glue.  If you are trying to bond rabbit or other fur(basically leather) - a porous material -  to something like sheet foam, then use in conjunction with our Accelerator.  Use the Accelerator on the more porous material, in this case the leather part of the fur.

Drawbacks of Mister Glue: it is not always great on fabrics.  Also, the glue does need a good fit so sometimes a round shaped object bonding to another round shaped object might give you a bit of difficulty.

Mister Glue will dry flexible.  The finished product will be waterproof.  It also dries clear and will not discolour any of the materials that you are using.  It is classified as an irritant - when dry is completely non toxic.

The short video below shows applying rabbit fur to sheet foam.

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