Stand-up Jetski Project

Peter does stand up JetSki or SuperJet.  He needed to glue rubber to rubber to make secure footwells for jumps:

I completed my project and am attaching photos in two emails to make sure the size is not too big. What these are for is I ride a stand up style JetSki or SuperJet (different brand names). I ride in the surf and jump waves and it is nice to be able to push my feet outwards to keep connected to the tray or standing area. On my other boat (I’ll include a photo tray 1) I fiberglassed in foot wells which work great but are a lot of work. The parts I glued are an easier way to have something to get my feet under. I used rubber material 3/8 thick and stacked and glued 3 pieces together then glued to the hull. I rode it once and so far it is all staying in place. Thanks for your input and glue.
 - Peter"

Here are a few photos from the project:

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