Fixing a Leaky Ghost (Haunted House Attraction)

I wish I had taken more photos but this was done in a bit of a hurry.  At the campground we have through part of September and until the end of October - a few nights a week - Haunt Manor.  A lot of scary things here.  I was approached with the emergency of a deflated ghost.  Somehow the night before someone had become overly frightened and tried to fight back.  Kidding.  I'm not sure how this happened but there was a tear on the ghostly fabric of a few inches as you can see in the photos.  The fabric was a thin nylon type of fabric.  Vinyl was my first choice under the circumstances for a quick permanent fix.  The reason being is that I knew that it would absolutely do the job, never come apart and stay completely flexible.  And it would be waterproof.  That is quite important given the weather in the Fall in the Northeast.  Also, as the ghost was only inflated in the evening a small patch of similar colour would not be noticed.

First I cut two pieces of vinyl that would cover the cut in the nylon.  One underneath and one on top.  Place the one underneath then hold back the edges and put Mister Glue on.  Make sure it is a solid bead.  You can fix the edges later.  Press down so the glue spreads.  Put some cardboard underneath so if some glue squeezes out, it doesn't mess up your table or floor or whatever you are using.  Run a bead of glue around the top for the second patch.  Press the patch on firmly.  Let it all set for a minute.  Then you can touch up the edges of both patches so there is no peeling back.  

It will be ready for use within minutes.  Seconds really.  Waterproof, flexible and permanent!  No problems with this particular ghost for the rest of the season.  He/she continued to frighten and entertain quite admirably.  

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