Knife Repair

One is mostly gluing wood to wood or wood to metal in knife handle repair or when making a knife handle. Sometimes one will use plastic. Mister Glue will attach these materials to themselves and each other very easily. You can also use it for a leather knife handle without discoloring or damaging the leather.
Mister Glue will give an instant and permanent bond which is waterproof. Ideally, the closer the fit, the tighter the bond the better it will be. The bond is instant or within a second or two depending on the material being glued.

Using Mister Glue to make a knife handle place a small amount of the glue in one side only. The main reason that you do it this way is that you do not want too much glue. Too much glue will make the bond too thick and weaker. The closer the two pieces fit together the stronger the bond. I try get enough so that when the two surfaces are pressed together the glue spreads evenly and covers the surface completely and as little as possible squeezing out. You only need to hold the two pieces together for a few short seconds. Then set aside to cure. Full cure time is a few hours but if you need to continue working with the piece it is set and you do not need to be afraid of it coming apart.

I also try as much as possible to put the glue on the least porous side. For example if you are making a leather knife handle place the glue on the metal that you are going to attach the leather to. Ifyou have to glue the leather to leather you may want to spray and mist on the leather first to keep the glue from soaking in too much. But if you do this make sure that you leave it for a little bit so that the surface is not wet.

Mister Glue will also wick. If you are making a knife handle of wood to metal for example and you can tell that the glue did not spread completely then put a drop where the metal and wood come together and it will wick in and bond the materials.

Oil or stain the wood on the outside before you glue it if you do it this way. Sometimes the glue may slow down the staining process if you for some reason do it afterwards.

You can also use Mister Glue with a bit of sawdust to fill gaps in the wood if there is a split or gouge. If you are sanding with wood and a gouge or split appears place a small amount of sawdust on the gouge and a drop of Mister Glue. Sand it smooth. A split can be repaired by putting a drop of the glue at the edge of the split and again it will wick in. Hold the twopieces tightly together for a few seconds.
Mister Glue dries clear and is waterproof. It is a cyanoacrylate - same base as super glue - but is an industrial grade so the solvents have been completely distilled out making it many times stronger.

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