Furniture Joints

How to fix furniture when you have a loose joint:


Loose furniture joints can be a pain if there are for example only one or two in the struts in the chair back that are loose. One has a choice of leaving the loose furniture to get worse or try and take the whole chair apart to re-glue which can be quite a project.

Repairing furniture when it is lose and wobbly can take a few minutes with a few drops of Mister Glue. If you have a joint that is loose but the fit is still quite tight when the dowel, leg or whatever is pressed all the way in then just add a drop or two of glue to the seam. It will wick in to a dowelled joint and bond in a few seconds. One does not need to use wood clamps in this instance - the bond will be fully set by the time you get the clamps attached. The simplest is to press the two pieces together as tightly as you can with your hands.

A crack or split in the wood due to someone sitting too heavily or some such can be repaired the same way. If you can open up the split a little without making it worse then do so and squeeze a small drop or two into the crevice. Then press the two surfaces together. Again it will take only a few seconds repairing wood this way. Again, it will wick in nicely.  (See Video below)

If you have put a bit too much and some squeezes or beads to the surface then leave it to set up instead of wiping. If you wipe, it will smear. At that point it is much more difficult to remove. Let the bit of glue that squeezed out set for a bit until it has hardened some; once it has set up a little then just take a sharp knife and scrape it off.

Although one uses the tiniest bit of Mister Glue in repair like this if you are doing a major repair - taking the whole chair or table or whatever apart then it is probably much wiser to use a white or yellow carpenter's glue.

If you are able to separate the two pieces that you are gluing enough remember that you need to apply very little Mister Glue and only to one side. 

Mister Glue will last you years if you take care of it. It is an industrial grade cyanoacrylate (super glue) making it much stronger than super glue or Krazy Glue and it does not dry out in the bottle.

Wood to Other Materials

Mister Glue will bond almost any material to wood as well. Metal, most hard plastics like PVC and loran, ceramic and many others. When you have a porous material like wood use the Accelerator to prime it. Apply Mister Glue to the other side or other material.

Care & Safety

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