How to remove glue from plastic

To remove sticker glue or glue residue from plastic containers or bottles: use pretty much any kind of oil that you have handy - cooking oil is fine or you can use WD-40 if you have it handy. Apply a drop and work it in and the glue should peel off pretty easily. Then just wash normally. Rubbing alcohol can be used as well if it is a bit tougher. Most of the time soap and water will do the trick.

There are more powerful degreasers and there is always acetone. Acetone however can damage or fade some plastics so it is wise to test this on the material that you are going to use it for.

If you have glue that has spilled inside your car on plastic or vinyl, or you have taken something apart and need to remove the glue from the plastic before reattaching, then first of all try this: if it is a water based glue(you may not be able to tell by looking) then lay a cloth over the area that has been dampened with soapy water. Let it sit on the glue for a while(30 minutes to lots more depending on the glue) to soak in. A good idea is to place some plastic over the cloth to keep the moisture from evaporating. Then you should be able to just peel the glue off. If it is fairly thick you may need to apply the soapy water a couple of times to soak in enough.

Again, rubbing alcohol is also an option. Work it in with a clean cloth or bit of cotton. Once it has softened then peel it off with your fingers.

Afterwards just wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth.

Generally, when removing adhesive from plastic, try to blot instead of wipe. Otherwise you may just smear the glue onto other areas.

Different kind of tapes can leave a mess when used. The worst by far I have found is duct tape. Try not to use this stuff on a surface that you may want clean afterwards. To remove duct tape glue off plastic a couple of the best materials are WD-40 and lighter fluid.

There are a number of household products that will have varying effects on different types of glue. In removing glue from plastic you will often need to do this without damaging the plastic.

Here are some materials that you can try.
Nail polish remover - there is a type that is basically acetone and a non-acetone type. With plastic, acetone is not your best choice. If you are going to try this, then test it and wipe it all off afterwards as quickly as you can.

Petroleum jelly, toothpaste, some hand lotions, mineral oil(baby oil), rubbing alcohol, windex, lighter fluid, WD-40,

Peanut butter - this will also remove the petroleum jelly.

Kitchen oil - pretty much any vegetable oil or ANY oil for that matter.

If you are not too worried about the 'look' of the finished product you can use a bit of sandpaper. For example if you have taken apart some plastic construct, and there is glue residue to be removed just sand it off. Use the sandpaper to create the edge that you need to reattach the two pieces.