How to Remove Carpet Glue

This isn't going to be easy!

There are dozens of chemicals and solvents out there for removing carpet glue from cement or hardwood floors. I'm referring here to the yellow glue that sticks down the carpet. And trying to remove carpet glue with some kind of grider or sandpaper is just a lesson in frustration. The heat just makes a sticky mess.

Try boiling water and a good scraper. Pour the boiling water on a small section and let soak. It will soften the yellow carpet glue so that you can remove it with a sturdy scraper. Some other kind of heat like a heat gun or even a blow dryer can soften the glue enough to make it easier to remove. Yes, you are still going to have to use some muscles. This works best for removing carpet glue from concrete or cement. If you need to remove from hardwood you will need to be extremely careful with this method as the melted glue may seep into the pores of the wood and permanently stain it.

In this case extreme cold my be a better choice. Ice or dry ice(be very careful with this) will make the glue more brittle and allow you to scrape it off more easily. Put the dry ice on the section that you are going to clean for a few minutes - do a small area at a time. Use a good strong, scraper.

If the glue is a brownish color then it may be a tar based glue and can be removed with mineral spirits/paint thinner or turpentine. These will soften and help remove this type of carpet glue.

Remove Gorilla Glue Epoxy from Carpet:
Acetone, mineral spirits and soap and water will not work well on the fabric of a carpet. If uncured, use Isopropyl Alcohol to soften then scrape or pick off with your fingers.

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